Finally got round to doing and Elise. I did her in a style to match the Arno one. I have to say I’m really hyped for Unity!

Descent.  Frames 7-9 in the Marquis storyboards. 
  • Haytham: m... m-m
  • Edward: mother? are you trying so say mother, Haytham?
  • Haytham: may the father of understanding guide us
  • Edward: what
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Haytham & Edward su We Heart It.

Aveline de Grandpré  ByChristopher Dormoy 


guys i need to tell you my real name now.

its not mongo

its not tiger

it is avis

but my real name

my real name is

Duncan Walpole

I’m onto you, Sneaksby.

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A couple of new little bits about Elise!